Yoke of Bondage

Wayne Hamburger

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A few words about the book Yoke of Bondage:

Tom Jolly was the minister that sent Lloyd Goodwin to Des Moines in 1963 to pastor the church there. Jolly was convicted as a pedophile in his later years, and forced to resign from the ministry. His teachings and doctrines are very similar to the Gospel Assembly Church in Des Moines. You can view: Video clips of Tom Jolly’s arrest and conviction.

Wayne Hamburger is the author of Yoke of Bondage, which is his autobiography. It is an account of his years in the Jolly organization, and is written in the second person. It is Wayne's firm belief that Jolly's organization is a cult. Actually, Jolly's organization basically is the same organization as Goodwin's; they have the same roots and certainly many of the teachings are the same.

When I created this website, I was certainly aware of Jolly's conviction as a pedophile. However, I had never heard of Wayne's book. Upon viewing my website, he sent me a copy.

I think that everyone should read this book. It speaks the truth. Many people would like to look past Jolly's pedophilia and say that his teachings were still good, or that his ministry was more important than those terrible incidents. I strongly disagree. People like Glenn Goodwin-- who insist that Jolly was a great man-- make me sick. (See the Glenn Goodwin page to read this quote.)

I think it is also very interesting to note the similarities between Tom Jolly and Lee Ray. What finally finished Jolly was two brothers who were told by their sister how Jolly had molested her. History seems to be repeating itself.

The things that happened in the Des Moines Gospel Assembly Church have all happened before. Read this book; you will be amazed at how similar the teachings and mannerisms of Tom Jolly are to Lloyd Goodwin, Lee Ray, Glenn Goodwin, and other GAC ministers-- especially when it comes to the fear they use to control their people. And why not? That's their heritage. That's where they came from.

Feel free to print this book on your computer's printer. It may be easier to read that way, since it is quite lengthy. This book is published on this website with the full permission of the author, Wayne Hamburger. I commend Wayne for his courage. His book is reproduced here exactly as written.

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