I am adding to this page as I receive or find them in my files and am using anonymous quotes from various people who have emailed us or posted. There have been many, many more than this that I have lost. If you see yours here and don’t want it here, let me know at



Hi Wanda & Robert ..great site and one that says/shed MUCH more light on that which is and may be real. Bless you two & yep now I’ve seen who I am emailing & you two look super. Shows to go ya don't have to live a "victim mentality" that eventually erodes even one's physical appearance. God bless you two! We sure need more like you & less like "them".


You have probably received a ton of email, but I would just like to add to it. I am one of the lurkers at the GAC board and have watched what has gone on over the past while. I am disappointed in other peoples' reaction to what has happened. While much has been said about being Christ like, very little of that kind of spirit has been shown. I appreciate the fact that you have not spewed back with garbage for garbage. It shows how Christ turned the other cheek, so to speak. My gripe is about others. I was going to sign on to your board today to leave you a message, when I realize you had wiped it clean. I can’t say that I blame you. Better to disappear than to have your boards attacked in the same manner that the GAC board was attacked. Please let us know if you decide to go another route. The boards have all been very interesting and informative, and I would hate to see them disappear altogether.


I just read your testimony of your experience with that church and it's leadership. It helped me a lot. You see I became a born again Christian 6 years ago at the age of 42, it was, to say the least, the most wonderful experience of my life. However I have been going through some rather difficult times with so called Christians who claim to be a friend then abandon you without so much as an explanation. I just don't get it. I've gone over it a hundred times or more, prayed about it, [God has given me a peace with it, but it's still lonely at times, like when u just need someone to do or go places with] I have a hard time expressing what I'm thinking, so I won't bore you. I just wanted to tell you and your husband that I enjoyed both your testimonies. GOD BLESS you both and your family. Keep up the fight.



I wanted to talk to other Christians so I keyed in Christian fellowship chat rooms, and that took me to pages of possibilities, when I saw the heading Gospel Assembly Church and read the foot note with it, it made me curious and the rest is history. I haven't searched the whole story out yet, but it certainly is very interesting reading. My prayer since I've been saved is, LORD all I want is the truth, GOD's truth and not mans, I was deceived by a lot of misguided information, but thankful to GOD at the same time for foundational teachings. I was brought up catholic and I never knew or even heard about being born again! But I look on the bright side of this..........I could have died not knowing. When I read your testimony I feel peace in your writing, even the e-mail you sent me. You are truly blessed of GOD. Take care, love and prayers to you and yours.



I have read everything on the GAC site. I was just wondering one day if there was site on the Internet about that church and just typed in and couldn’t believe what came up. I read and read for hours. You see this was very traumatic for our family. The damage that man {LLG} did is indescribable, and unfathomable. Thank you again and God bless you for helping warn others about the cult.



Hi, first I would like to say I found your web site very interesting and enlightening. You may or may not remember me. My name is (name withheld). I was a very close friend of your brother’s back before Lundy Keller destroyed our friendship, like he did so many others. Neither my mother nor me have seen or spoken to my sister since august of 1983, when Lundy Keller instructed her to have no more to do with her family. My Mother didn't get to see her grandkids grow up, and my Dad died in January of 84, and every day while he was bedridden he asked why my sister hadn't come by with the kids. He never got to see them or his daughter. Two days before his death, he told me I needed to forgive Lundy so I wouldn't go the rest of my life with the bitterness in my heart. I have coped well, but I'm afraid I can't say the same about my Mother, who has become bitter and cynical from carrying this hurt from losing her daughter inside of her all these years. As I have been surfing the websites concerning this organization, a lot of the old feelings of bitterness have been revived, and it hurts me so much to know that lives and families are still being destroyed by this movement. I don't know what I believe now, or if I believe anything at all, but if there is or ever was such a thing as demon possession, I would have to say that the closest thing to it I have seen was right there inside Lundy Keller's church. I was wondering if you remember {names withheld}. I have been trying to locate them. They were my closest friends and I ruined the friendship because of Lundy's influence, and I would like to find them and at least say I'm sorry. It's a long shot probably, but if you have any info on them i would appreciate it. Thank you for the work you're doing in exposing this cult for what it is, and keep up the good work. Thank you



I came across your site, and it really seems that we have a lot in common.  I came out of a cult, leaving a second time, about three months ago.  Some former members and I decided to expose them for who they are.  Yesterday, the Great Falls Tribune published a front-page story continuing to a full-page article inside on this group.  I have had nothing but positive feedback barring one email.  That email was from a friend, and the owner of the hosting company, and said if I didn't remove the site by 10:30pm today, they would cancel my account with them.  I had talked frequently with her about the group, and even that morning after the article came out.  There wasn't a hint of any reason to remove the site.  The group has a way of scaring people into doing what they want.  I have temporarily moved my site to a free server, even though I own the domain name.  I am looking for somebody to host my site, now, for one year.



Wanda, You don't know me but I knew your father and I thought that he was a wonderful man of principle. Bro.Youngblood would always have honey or molasses for sale when he would come to see us and would bless us with his words and wonderful spirit. It is old timers like him that I miss the most when I see the condition of this old world.  I have been reading from your website the book YOKE OF BONDAGE.



I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done to make sure that your story is out there.  I myself was once a member of two body churches.  One in Vallejo, Ca. under Lacey Hawkins and one in Wichita, Kansas under Ray Leniger. I left the church several years ago. I’ve been told that I need to "come home".  So, sometimes I wondered if I made the right decision.  But tonight I came across so much information about the successors of William Sowders that I know now that I can rest easy knowing that I left this group.  Thank you again for your story.



The message board has been a wonderful means of spiritual support recently. After the WTC attack, I became significantly depressed, so much so that I lost all interest in the things that give me pleasure when I am healthier. Today was the first day that I have felt back to normal, and I have been to my mom and dad's to do some work around their home. I appreciated very much the prayer you wrote on the 11th. I also believe, as your home page says, that evil grows when good people do nothing. All I have are the emails I've sent to you, hurriedly typed and then forgotten about. But I was finally able to talk to my parents about it, and have also given them a copy of your story (I hope that's ok) I feel that it's important that they know that even though you were wronged by "Christians" you haven't given up. Without your support I would have still kept the past closed up in a deep dark corner of my mind, but it certainly would have tormented me during my bad times, as it always has.



Wanda, Thank you so very much. I appreciate your prayers. You and your sister, Betty are precious. You don't know how much you minister to me as I am sure you do for many others as well. You certainly do have "a ministry" and I know God is blessing it. Just the fact that I came to you in prayer is so encouraging. It lets me know that God is interested in me, as I know He is, but I'm still trying to convince my subconscious  :-) I think you know what I mean. I'm a chalkboard, written all over upon and I have all new writing on it all over the un-erased old stuff. It's a mess of confused messages at times but the old writing is fading a little more everyday. I am blessed!






Dear Wanda, Sometimes I feel the need to talk to someone.... But as you may already know in the G.A. you really start to wonder who you can trust.... You end up feeling like you can’t talk to anyone. I have been going to your message board off and on for the last few months....And it has helped a lot. My fear is "My God, I really thought I was getting the truth! Where is it ? What is it? Before I came here (to this church) I felt the Lord in my life in a big way! Now I find it hard to feel Him at all! I have never been so worried as to where I stand with the Lord in my life! I have never felt so alone in all my life! And I am so scared of everybody!  And for whatever reason I feel as if I can trust you. But I am just so confused! I don't know what to do...I thank you for listening to me go on and on.... And I thank you for sending me these links... God Bless you Wanda and your family!!!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed your Website and have just begun to scan it. It will take me a long time to go through all the pages. Thank you for sharing and informing the Body of Christ.



Hello Robert and Wanda.  I have used the message board at one time and I must say it was helpful because that was how I got to know Wanda and share my experience. Most people I believe wanted to do the same after years of keeping it all to themselves. All in all, thank you people for having worked so hard to create this forum where people could discuss what they really felt about this destructive cult and to comfort one another. God help you to continue in the light.



Wanda and Robert, after prayer, tears, much soul searching and an understanding of what has happened in my life to bring me to this point, I began searching the web under keyword: religious abuse.  This brought me to you.


I am in the place in my journey with God where I truly believe that God has placed a message of freedom in my husband and myself.  The realization came when last night we had some of the parishioners from our church over for a evening of eating and fellowship.  Without any premeditation, the conversations became that of people sharing their innermost desires, dreams and struggles.  We found ourselves encouraging people to trust the God within themselves and not to abandon the desire He has placed in their spirits for anything or anybody, especially because of church trappings (namely church work, a leadership position in your local church, rubbing elbows with the church elite, a desire to be affirmed by someone in spiritual authority, and so many other weaknesses that make us vulnerable to religious abuse).


We feel such a burden for the enslaved sons and daughters of God who are in church but haven't realized fully the freedom that they have in God.  Many want the freedom but don't have the strength to stand up by themselves under the duress of church religious figures who use fear tactics to keep them entrapped or are so easily seduced and hungry for love and affirmation.  They need someone to tell them that it's okay to have a thought that is your own, it's okay to question, it's okay to own when something you sense in religious leaders is "off" or questionable.  It's okay and it doesn't make you rebellious, reprobate, a bad seed, a trouble maker, doomed to hell, cursed or any of the other accusations that are hurled at the people of God "prophetically" or during the course of a morning sermon.

Our motives are very pure.  We just want to see the Kingdom of God established and people learn to discern the voice of God within them and to trust that voice above any other voice (whether it be the voice of a dysfunctional past or the voice of a spiritual leader whose authority causes them to second-guess themselves or minimize the God inside of them) as credible to bring them to a place of freedom, So, I would welcome any support that you can give us that would guide us in fulfilling this call.



I, too, had grown so desperate in my struggle with trying to accept the ugly situation as "god's plan", that I decided to choose "spiritual death" over staying in that hellhole.  At least that's what I thought I was choosing at the time, according to their doctrine.  You know, it should send a MAJOR message to the remaining members that if a person who was sincerely trying to seek and do the will of god would conscientiously choose spiritual death over staying at the church, well. . .what does that say about the condition of its members?  I don't know how the doctrine was at your old church, but we were taught that the ONLY people going to heaven were at GAC -- and that was only if you were PERFECT.  If you left the church, you gave up your right to go to heaven and you left god's covering.  You were on your own, so to speak.  I'd rather choose to be on my own than witness the ugliness that proceeded to take over the congregation like a nasty cancer.  But those are all my observations and accounts, and I'm sure someone who is still there and brainwashed" would tell you nothing of the sort is happening.  They would see me as the "enemy" now, and somewhat consider me as losing my mind.  You know the routine.


But one day I realized that turning myself over to the "wolves" in the world and leaving the covering of god would be better for my mental and emotional health than staying around there.  Again, the members who are still there don't even see the connection of how bad the place must be for someone to make such a torturous choice.  But, as you know, you can't even begin to recognize and combat the "brainwashing" and control tactics that take place with cults until you are away from them.


It's good to talk with you and know you understand.  It's also good to know that someone who has been taken advantage of is spreading the word and blowing the whistle.  I would not like to do away with ALL religion (as much as some people think non-believers would like to), but I would like to help you do something against fleshly men who do evil in the name of god.  Men who serve their greed and lust and use the bible as a shield make me want to vomit.  So, I owe it to you and to those others who are still being exploited to share my accounts and offer my support.



I was raised FREE Pentecostal. We believed in receiving the Holy Ghost, living a Holy life and that Jesus is the Head of the Church not some organization. I came to Jasper TX in July 1987 to Pastor the First Pentecostal Church. I came there because God woke me up in the early morning hours as I am awake this morning. I quit my job and told my wife that we were moving before the church ever told me they wanted me for a Pastor. I was not the next in line to get a church. We found the UPC in the area to have a rotten spirit and to talk and fight us bitterly. We meet other Pentecostal organizations that were full of Corruption. (That's another Story). I really be personally acquainted with the "Body of Christ at the end of 1996. I will only tell a portion of my Story. And Do I Have a Story to Tell???? What I have seen and been acquainted with is after much personal experience and knowledge. No wonder Jesus said "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my NAME, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many. I wondered for years why I was not accepted. I found out after 40 yrs. of life that it is not how spiritual you are, how you live, how much you pray, your knowledge of the Word, even if you are a God Called Minister, but it is Who you know and how much money you have. We have been watched, lied on, given and received false reports about and guess who by??? The great body of christ. I am so glad that no matter what MAN says or does that the Supreme Ruler of the Universe knows all sees all and Loves all his creation. One thing that I can say about the Free Pentecostals that I was raised around is that they were what they said they were and they were not TWO-Faced!!!! At least in Pentecost you knew who your enemies were. They didn't come with a smooth tongue full of lies. I am not talking about doctrine either!! Each person better receive their own experience from GOD. If you that are reading this and are a God-Called Child of God don't worry about what man says or does. Man thinks that they are your JUDGE but they are not. I have come from deaths door back to life. I have come from defeat to VICTORY. I have come form being forsaken to being Loved by God and his people who know what REAL CHARITY is. Don't be discouraged in well doing. God is still God. No man has and ever will graduate to this position.

NO matter what happens is life, get your EYES focused on the True Head of the Church. God is still going to have a church without spot or wrinkle. Fret not thy self with evildoers for they shall soon be gone. Each life is like a vapor. A few years and every one of us will be gone unless... If God has called and Chosen YOU, man cannot UN-Call or UN-Choose YOU. Many other things will I tell someday. Keep a right spirit. Lay hold on ETERNAL LIFE. Each person's reward is a hand. There is so much I would like to tell but it is not TIME Yet. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.



Hi Wanda: I accidentally stumbled on your website and couldn't take myself away from it.  I broke away from the Gospel Assembly Church about 12 years ago. I read Wayne Hamburger's Yoke of Bondage and must say could relate to much of what he wrote.  I had stopped going to church before all of the mess about Tom Jolly came out.  About a year before I quit going I could hardly listen to him.  He was just so mean spirited when he preached I felt in my heart that something was wrong with him. 

Growing up in the church is such a brainwashing.  I finally have found another church, but my husband and kids still attend the church.  I feel bad about it, but that is something that only God can change and open their eyes to.  Of course they think that that it is the only church that they can go to and be saved. I pray that God sets the rest of my family free.  Thank you for your website.


From Africa:

Much salutations from former members of Gospel assembly Church. We felt overjoyed when our pastor informed us about you. He has shared with us what the Lord has revealed to you concerning Gospel Assembly Church. We are grateful to every information you share with him because he shares the same with us which has helped to brake more the yoke of bondage imposed on us by GAC's so called men of God.

It is unfortunate that we don't have much knowledge about the Internet or else we would be getting much more of what you have put up for our deliverance, but we're certain sure that the Lord will help us to overcome that area too.

Sister Mason we would not like to go in details now of what happened to us during our stay in GAC, we may tell the story as time goes on, but as of now we just thank God that we got out. We are alive and well and we believe to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living Ps: 27:13. We have peace; joy and happiness because we are still serving God and we are with brother Nsubuga Charles.

We were so sorry when brother Nsubuga told us that you had a problem in the foot and that you were going for operation on 9th January 2002, we prayed and we were happy to hear that the lord helped you through. We still pray for your quick recovery.

We call upon you to go ahead and stand with us in prayer that God may help us to recover completely and also to be of use in helping our brothers and sisters who are still held in that and other bondages here in our country and all around the world.

May God bless you so much.


My pain with cults began when I married my husband 15 years ago.  The cult he belongs to I did not know was a cult.  But I had been led by the Holy spirit to leave the cult after about a month but that did not end the hurt, pain and shame of knowing what has gone on in this church under the name of God.  There was no God but many people have been hurt by the ungodly message and misuse of authority on many lives in this church, I am sorry to say. Many people I saw were very sick because of what happens in this cult.  It saddens me because my husband is one of the victims. I have been married to my husband for 15 years and we are now separated over this religious cult and many other issues.  I am in deep pain from seeing him so blinded by a church that abuses its members. I am angry because I have not had a peaceful day in my marriage because of this cult.  I am brokenhearted and torn apart from my very center because I love my husband and they have taken him away from me.


What kind of evil can do such a thing and get away with it.  I am alone in my home and every time I get to see him, which is very infrequent, my soul cries out, why did this have to happen to us?  Pray for me and my prodigal husband.  I cry tears of great brokenness because of these people.  I feel the unfairness of what I have gone through has caused me to become almost quietly solitary because the hurt is too much to bear.  It is me and the Lord now and sometimes I get lonely for the man I fell in love with who is lost in this cult.  The Lord is my comforter and I will only trust in him.  Never again will I trust what man has done.  The pain of separation from my husband has caused me to trust only in the Lord and the peace that passes all understanding.  Love in Jesus



Dear Robert and Wanda


I happened on your website after typing in the Name William Sowders. I was a member of the Jolly group for many years. I had really bonded deeply with the people and when the news of Brother Jolly came out, I was devastated but I was even more devastated when our minister tried to shove the whole thing under the rug. It all came to a head one Sunday evening when my minister came back from St. Louis. I could tell he was agitated but I did not know that the deacons there had taken over the church. This minister had only a couple of weeks earlier told me that he knew what brother Jolly had been doing and told me that brother Jolly would come to the pulpit in Eldorado under a “heavy anointing” after having a young girl in his private quarters. His eyes gleamed with pride as he told me and another deacon.


Anyway when the minister came back that Sunday night he began to attack me and accusing me of trying to lead the people astray. As I should have known, the people there who had told me they loved me for all those years, wouldn’t even call me after the pastor told me to leave. It really broke my heart and now, even after all these years, I still cannot go to church anywhere.


I didn’t get a chance to read all the stuff on your site but I read enough of it to see that you are attempting to right some of the wrongs that were perpetrated against women. My belief system has greatly developed since leaving the church and I would not be welcome in any of Jolly’s churches because of my belief in equality for women and other doctrines. I now only believe in love and am not interested in any other doctrines especially any doctrine that makes us “special” or Gods chosen people etc. but I do miss the richness of the Holy Spirit I enjoyed all those years.


God bless you for standing up for the injustices. I have little comprehension of what happened under the Goodwin groups.



I am not out of that assembly but I am out of one of Bro Sowders Assemblies. I was in it for ten years. I was controlled and if I did not ask them what kind of car or house to buy I was preached at. I took it as long as I could until when a person starts telling me how to go to bed with my wife. It was too much. It’s been two years since we quit. I am still getting a hard way to go from them. I told them that they are called a cult.




Dear sister Wanda Mason, Greetings to you in Jesus Precious name. Received your Email of 8 th Jan. But you wrote that you are going in for a major Surgery on that day. We prayed for you and for the success of surgery and for the Lord's healing touch. I hope now you are recovered from your sickness and doing well.

I delayed to write this letter sooner than, this because of gospel meetings. I praise God for your real faith in Christ. You stood for Truth. Truth makes you free. Some times we will be deceived by false preachers. Pray for us. Thank you for your love in Christ towards us.

Yours in His service, A Pastor from Andhra Pradesh India



As I read the letters posted about the different churches and those that have left the so called body we can all get a sense of how deeply effected even till this day our lives have been effected by these doctrines of overcoming, holiness, standards, one church, submission, honor, voice of god. I’m certainly glad for the internet because it gives us all a sense of relief knowing that many have finally came away from the mind control of these people and all their teachings. Coming to the GAC in the early eighties with my life in a wreck, knowing that I needed to make a change I was the perfect victim for this group.


Coming through many religions in my lifetime and knowing something wasn’t right with any of those either, I embraced the message of the body hook, line, and sinker. After a few short years of living the teachings of the body of the to the fullness in every aspect of life, I was asked to be one of the captains. This really took me back since most of the captains had been raised in this church and I had been there such a short time. After a while I accepted to be a captain. My wife took this to heart. We knew we had to be examples now along with our children. Certainly this was a great responsibility in our mind. We were put over the largest group in the church and took our job of taking care of those in the group very serious. Hopefully we did more good than bad. I’ll let others decide that for you. In being one of the ministers, I certainly helped further the message of the body fully. There were questions in my heart that bothered me but as many others have, I ignored them. One of my first mistakes came in a men’s bible study on Sunday morning and the subject was trusting god and not doctors. As the study went on I was looking around the room and noticed most everyone was wearing glasses. Well I asked the question of a pastor, if we should trust god for cancer and believe go can heal us from this and other serious illness why can't we trust him to heal our eyesight and much less serious conditions? I didn’t realize that I was challenging his authority and his teachings. It wasn’t my thought at the time. Of course this was the beginning of the end for us.


I could say a lot more but I know this letter is already getting a little long. Of course we finally left the church after a lot of things happened that caused the pastor to fall out with what we viewed as the body. We began going to Dallas and other churches and I must say these other churches really was glad this was happening to this pastor since there is a lot of jealously amongst these ministers, to say the least. We finally ended up in another GAC group as our last stop in the body. Boy was that an eye-opener for sure. The lie is still holding many good sincere people hostage till this day. I’m sure this web site has been the subject of many a sermon. Hopefully many more will tell their story as we all have friends and kinfolk in these places like I must remind myself and my family once was. Keep the faith as we are still in God's hands. Thank you for this time to express myself.........



Dear Sister Wanda,

I will not give my name; I do ask that you put what I am going to say in your visitor comment section.  I think it would only be fair to put a letter of something positive about the church.   Please do not use my screen name.

I have read the things that you have on your website.  I must say that my heart is full of sadness, to think of the things that I have read. I currently attend a Gospel Assembly Church.  I have attended for 40 years.  My family started going to the church when I was 7.  I do believe that the Lord has let me know that this really is the true Body of Christ.  It is my understanding, that before the death of Brother William Sowders that he said that there would not be another one man rule over the body.  Am I correct?  Well, this led to a split in the Body.  Brother Jolly was the leading cause of the split. I'm I correct.  I must admit I do not nor have I ever agreed with the tactics of Brother Jolly.  Although, I am very careful to judge, because only God can judge a case.  I do believe with all of my heart, that God used Brother Sowders and called many wonderful Men years ago and he is still calling Men to preach his Gospel.  Sister Wanda Judas betrayed Christ, did that make the teachings of Christ false?   Did it make it a cult?  I ask everyone, to be very prayerful, and find a Gospel Assembly Church that does not have an affiliation with Brother Jolly and let God begin a healing.  Don't let the horrible things that you have gone through let you lose your soul.  Stay prayerful, and ask God to lead and guide you to a Gospel Assembly church that still holds to what God has for all of us.  I write this letter in Love, and to let everyone know that I am praying for you.  I will tell you that God is still blessing his people.  And God is going to have a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.  Please don't let the bad that others do, affect your lives and keep you from going on with God, and accepting what he gave you.



Thanks for your reply. If the Gospel Assembly in (name withheld) is affiliated then I was caught up in the same atmosphere.  My heart goes out to you and your family.  I was so surprised to find people who got out of this type church and made a good life for themselves.  My sister was in Gospel Assembly church in (name withheld) and it IS MORE THAN LIKELY A PART OF THE SAME ORGAINZATION AND WAS EVEN WORSE THAN (name withheld).  She is now safe with me. He told her to stay with her abusive husband no matter what and he almost killed her.  He told her it was her duty as a wife.  Now she is happy and her kids are safe.  Unfortunately her oldest daughter still has problems from it but she is now in counseling.  PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING! THAT WAS NOT ALLOWED THERE.



Hi Wanda,


It's been awhile since I've checked into your site....I couldn't get on it before for some reason....anyways, I PRAISE THE LORD for you & Robert and having the strength to put out this website and offer a voice to all of the very wounded and hurting people coming out of these CULTS..which is exactly what they are....


THE LORD IS SO GOOD AND HE PROMISES US HEALING AND RESTORATION SO WE ALWAYS HAVE HOPE......THE LORD IS CONTINUING TO EXPOSE SO MUCH.....HE WILL NOT STOP AND NO ONE CAN STOP HIM ....PRAISE JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!!  I continue to pray for all the wounded and thank God for your website...may it continue to be a light in the darkness.  I know there are so many that want to get on and share but they are so fearful and it is my prayer that God will strengthen them and heal them so they, too, can share their story with is part of the healing process.


I pray all is well with you and your family.  Take care and GOD BLESS YOU,

IN HIS LOVE, (name withheld)



God Bless you and Robert for your work in helping all us that have left the church. I was hurt so much and sometimes I think I should write all down.  And I have wondered what LLG said about me when I left. He would always talk about those that left.


I went to the church cause I wanted to know and have more of God, but I am so shocked by all that went on there and the way people were treated--it hurts a lot, when what I wanted was more of the Lord.  Guess you and Robert have been hurt a lot too.  I can hardly believe that the church was like that because I always have been treated well other places I have attended.


Christian Love, (name withheld)



Sometimes, I think how frustrated Christ must have felt when he just could not convey the truth with mere words, especially to a natural mind. I remember feeling like that so many years ago, and how I had to keep it all bottled up for years because every door was shut tight.


I am so thankful for you keeping this door open for whosoever will. There are people who read your sites that you will probably never know, but God knows them that are His, and knows how to draw them unto himself if they want to come.


I tell you, if we WERE all together in church somewhere, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a Holy Ghost meeting where GOD could have HIS way and draw from every vessel as it pleases Him? Who knows?




Dear Wanda, Robert,

Salutations in Jesus' name to you all.  I do have faith and trust that the Lord is doing you good all the time just because He promised to do so Ever since you promised to stand with us in prayer we have seen the Lord's good hand upon us. Our spiritual life is stabilizing every other day.  There are many new areas of understanding the lord is opening to us in his word, and more people are being added to church.

On behalf of the church I would want to say we love you brethren over there.
May God bless you so much.
Yours in His service

Nsubuga Charles



Thank you so much for spreading the truth about this destructive organization. I was in the "BODY" and subjected to its teachings for several years as a child and I can tell you now, as an adult, that those years were quite damaging. I have vivid memories of the worship…How individuals were spotted in the church and brought to the front for hours and hours of pressing until they “broke through”. Oftentimes, young children were submitted to yelling in their ears for hours, surrounded by adults that were “praying with them” in an effort to “get the Holy Ghost” those children hoarse and exhausted the next day from the “effort”. Absolutely ludicrous!


We still have family members in the church and it has been very painful to watch them steadily decline. I wish there was something someone could do to rid the world of these destructive churches.


Personally, I have become very cynical now when it comes to organized religion as a result. The children being brought up in these churches rarely have a chance to reach their potential. They are stifled and told what to wear, what to listen to, what to read, how to speak, who to marry….Total and absolute mind control. This has to stop! Please continue in your effort…I know you have the ability to possible save others before it’s too late.



As a former cult member, I am in agreeance with the things I have read so far. I was a member of the Nubian Islaamic Hebrews AnsaarAllah Communities. Our leader was an imposter by the name of Dr.York a.k.a. Dwight York a.k.a. Imaam Isa a.k.a. Malachi Z York. He taught us that he was an avatar for the angel Michael. I left them mentally and physically in June 1993. To confirm the fact that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, He was arrested in 2002 for approximately 80 counts of child molestation, rape, transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes etc. I don't know if the charges stuck however. Anyway, I hope that Jah continues to guide you people, as you seem to have good intentions.....One love, keep in touch



Hello Masons - Ran across your site and just had to respond with this hello and God Bless you.  I had a wife who used
to attend GAC at Eldorado, IL back in the 1950s and through to 1989.....her mother and father attended there also for decades.

I am a Korean War vet with 21 months and 27 days in that Frozen Chosen, no on line duty but rear eschelon service, no wounds except what alcohol did to me and that was devastating.  I was addicted for almost 37 years of my life until Jesus Christ heard my humble prayer for salvation and physical healing as well as mental healing.

Thank you for your testimony..both of you!  I can only speak for myself as my first wife died in 1989 but I know that deception and mind (brain washing) can happen.  I brain washed myself into thinking I could stop sinning when I chose to do so.  NOT SO!  If Jesus had not called me to repent, I would never have done so and I would be in hell right now. I praise God daily for His wonderful forgiveness and POWER to carry out my promise to Him to carry His Message as long as I had a mine to do so. For 23 wonderful, marvelous and glorious years I have been sober, cleaning my house and cleaning my acts to relate with God's instructions for me as His Chosen child.

If you cared to reply to my email I will be very pleased.  I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully you will remember me in yours.  Yours truly..





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