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(11/01/02) Subject: Touch not my anointed... Hi Robert & Wanda, I was reading your article by John Anderson regarding “Touch Not My Anointed”.  Is it possible to give me any specific remarks by “any” celebrity minister including the ones mentioned in the article that has ever said anything like “touch not my anointed”  especially “threatening” or “terrorizing” believers as was specifically mentioned. I am in FULL agreement with the “concept” of the article and the “priesthood” of believers…  I believe that we should “all” be careful in what we say about “anybody” in the body of Christ  we are ALL “anointed” and we need to be “careful” of what we say. Robert & Wanda, I believe that God has given you a “gift” of “perceiver” in the body of Christ.  No doubt you can “smell” something wrong (discernment) faster than others…  I am concerned for my friends and my own ministry.  I sincerely NEVER want to give any impression that I am “above” the law or that I’m “not to be touched.”  Personally, I know personally EVERY one of the men mentioned in John’s article including Jimmy Swaggart.  ALL of the men EXCEPT Swaggart have been corrected “in my presence” at one time or another and have expressed the desire for further correction and input.  That is why I’m concerned that anyone could say that they have “terrorized” anyone with “touch not my anointed.” Certainly, all of us should be “open” to criticism by anyone  but the reality is, it is impossible to listen to every voice.  Do you know “any” Pastor on this planet that pleases “everyone” in his church.  Everyone has an opinion on everything.  But ALL of us should have trusted people in our life who has the permission to speak into our lives.  The fact is, Swaggart snubbed his nose at the A/G and people on my committee that went to him in love and “begged” him to repent.  Jim Bakker, on the other hand, has continued to “repent” and even though he has not “pleased” everyone, he has privately met with our group yearly to hold himself accountable (he meets with some of us personally monthly). I am sincerely curious what information you have…  I would want to correct my brothers in the Lord if they have in anyway “terrorized” anyone…  PLUS, I want to receive correction myself… By the way, do you know John Davies?



(11/11&13/02) Concerning the footage on Thomas Jolly's arrest and release.  Thanks for keeping the heat on these people, I believe that what you are doing is worthwhile and believe that those in the footage would feel the same way. Just glad to see you made the information available.  I emailed a fellow in Iowa some years ago, and saw your web sight then. We had a minister who deals with equipping churches to deal with cults visit our church and he had asked me to send him the link to your web site when I told him about GAC (pronounced as though clearing something distasteful from your throat). That's when I saw the pages on Jolly. May God Bless You!



(11/13/02) Hello Robert & Wanda Mason, Thank you for your reply to my email concerning GAC, etc. I have little else to be concerned about regarding the past years of "brain washing" type preachers or those who classify themselves as such.  I know that such tactics happen the world over by various peoples. I know this for fact:  Addictions need to be taught of/about to all students from age 5 to 50. More emphasis should be taught relating to the price to be paid by anyone submitting themselves to items that will addict them.  I know some people who let addiction rule them and they want it to for it provides them a ready alibi as to why they live the way they do, or a "way out" from being judged. I have learned the "hard way" that addiction to alcohol, money, tobacco, or just plain "TOO MUCH" of anything can imprison a person and drag them into hell. My humble prayer each day is to have the power to serve Jesus and do His Will as He instructs me for that day only.  The next day I will ask Him again (in prayer) to appoint me another assignment with power to carry it out.  My God hears me, blesses me, and I follow His instructions "to the best of my knowledge and ability to do so and this is all MY GOD wants any person to do (my opinion of course). Friend of mine said "a person cannot have a testimony unless they have been tested" and this is truth as it is, reality as it is.  I speak or write only of what I have been involved in and passed through to the other side where peace and God lives, ONE DAY AT A TIME. If I may help someone else everyday, then I feel I have done my share. Your friend,



(11/24/02) Hello Robert & Wanda, Received your email today after attending our little church, a Baptist here in our village of 4,500 folks.  Thank you for thinking of us....Our sermon we heard today and discussed was "THANKSGIVING TO GOD EVERY DAY." I am glad you feel confident to reveal problems of  your children such as they have.  I had one child a son who dabbled in drugs & drank a little vodka but I talked with him and convinced him to seek Jesus and stop drinking.  That was almost 18 years ago, Thank God! There can be no greater threat to mankind than addiction to drugs and or alcohol (one and the same as I see it).  It also first attempt to brings "Good news or Good feelings" something like eating chocolate pie, but the explosive impact it gives is disguised to a human mind. If it had not been an Alcoholics Anonymous group I do believe I would have died many years past because of the affects of booze.  Maybe something else would have come along to have given me hope but I cannot say. I thank God/Jesus everyday and every night for His delivering me out of and away from addiction which came upon me as willful sin in that I drank when told it was not....was not Christian like to do. My days start with prayer for myself and then for others who may have similar evils to overcome. I will always be here if you have a question I might answer regarding addiction I have endured.  Your friend,



(12/31/02) Hello Bob & Wanda, Received your "Happy New Year" and appreciate your thoughts.  Because I have almost died many times due to alcoholism, I can have nothing but "Happy Next Second's and throughout eternity.  I am no different than a person who has cancer that they did not ask for.  I wound up an alcoholic due to the flaws satan injected into mankind centuries back. To receive a New Life through Jesus Christ is no less than an absolute and perfect miracle of GRACE sent direct from Heaven Above and God Himself!! I go to doctors BUT God is my Heavenly Doctor who takes over when all my efforts or effort of others have ended and no answers came with mankind’s efforts. When I get out of the driver's seat and ask Jesus to Drive------MIRACLES BEGIN----When I get back in the driver's seat without asking God, I am acting childish and forgetting He who made and sustains me. My best wishes are for you and your entire family and relatives and all who need Jesus Christ every second of their lives.   Please do not fail to email me along and I will give details of any new obstacles that I have come against and endured and Jesus moved them out of the way. Your friend always,



(12/5/02) Hi family Mason, Hi Robert, My name is (x) and I live in Germany. Having been reported similar traumatic experiences from my parents and grandparents (during both world wars) I started to study the history and here especially the post-history of those that had such experiences.If possible (and without disturbing your inner peace now), could you help me by telling me:


a) how you were able to digest your Vietnam experiences ?

b) what your conclusions were (on the background of all those absolutely senseless war-mongering) ?

c) what you would recommend young people to do now (with the looming Irak-war at hand) ?


I look forward to your reply if you have time for my concerns, Best regards



Dear Robert Mason, First of all thank you very much indeed for taking the time of answering my questions - questions from a strange guy you don’t even know. What you are telling me fits into the overall picture I get from any military service all around the world. I have come to believe that it is the psychology of military leaders and the system itself that lends itself to such unfair and inhuman mechanisms. But since it is also some kind of a psychological mechanism ingrained into our human instincts:


a) to delimit ourselves from what we don’t know (instead of trying to get to know it) and

b) to tend to overemphasize our own role ( a remnant from our evolutionary history),


We will have to cope with all the injustice resulting from it. I can recommend a most enlightening book regarding that matter: "On the psychology of military incompetence" by Norman Dixon (ISBN 0-7126-5889-0), a work which shows why military leaders act as they act and which mechanisms are responsible for what they do. (a phenomenon which is almost the same in religion...)


What I have always been wondering about is that there seems to be no reaction in the American society to forbid military actions which can be clearly classified as "war of attacks", if you understand what I mean. Our German constitution, for example, does not allow our political leaders to declare war on any nation, except in the clear case of self-defense that is within the borders of our country. So over here the question among many people rises: Where is that political class in the USA that stops that war mongering? (This does, of course, not include real defensive measures, such as investigative means by the secret service to find out terrorist camps etc.)


I never forget the story my Granddad told me during Christmas 1916, when all of a sudden (he couldn’t remember what had started it all) both German and French soldiers came out of their trenches to celebrate Christmas together ... for one single day. Then they went back into their trenches to continue their murdering job....?????? Sometimes I feel that we ordinary man (and women) in the streets are just puppets in the hands of a few.


Speaking of Christmas, my wife and myself would like to wish you and your family a most wonderful, blessed, and peaceful Christmas, a Christmas that may bring your thoughts nearer to that Kingdom of God which started its course into our hearts and time in that Holy night we are celebrating soon. God bless you and compensate you for all sufferings. Kind regards from over the big pond


Need help ASAP- about cult group

(12/12/02) I have friends in Illinois that are having trouble with a cult group and need help.  They have a family member missing now.  Do you know anybody they can contact to get some help.  I have not been involved with this stuff for over 18 years now.  I do not think the group (C.A.R.I.S.) is around any more. Can you help me ASAP. This is a retired pastor that is missing almost a week now.   PLEASE HELP ASAP. Thank you. The group is worldwide church of God.



(12/21-23/02) Hello, My name is (x).  I worked with Mark Shacknow in Kansas City, MO. My wife and I were very good friends with Mark and Cheryll, and have lost touch with them over the years.  I was very excited to find his letter on here. I remember how troubled he seemed and how much trouble Cheryll's father was to them. I saw his E mail address and sent them a note, but it has since been discontinued. I do so wish to talk to them again, and I was hoping you would know where they were. The last place I knew they were, was in (x), and I looked that up in the directory, but it comes up with no number. Hope you can help. Merry Christmas,

Wanda, Just had to drop you a note and say THANK YOU so much. I got an E mail from Cheryll and will be calling them tonight. It’s a rare thing to find someone who will take the time to help a total stranger in today’s times. Thank you again, God Bless and Merry Christmas


Thank you so much for your help again. We (my wife and myself) met with Mark and Cheryll last Saturday and went to Dinner, it was a wonderful reunion. (We treated them to Red Lobster !!) And we are going to spend New Years day with them. God Bless, and BEST wishes for the New Year to you and your Family.


(12/31/02) Wanda, I met someone online recently. I spoke with him last night and the subject of church came up. He told me that he has belonged to the General Assembly Church. The only other time I heard of this church was when someone else online told me of his struggle with his daughter's mother who now belongs to this church and he directed to a website with a little bit of information on it. My question is very simple. Is this "church" a "cult?" This gentleman has belonged to this "church" for 15 years. I pretended not to have ever heard of his church before and when I asked him to tell me more about it he told me it was a long story and he would have to tell me in person. I have found out that the pastor of this church in Union City was shot by an ex member. This happens to be the exact same church this man goes to. Any information you could provide me with would be much appreciated. I don’t want to get involved with someone if they are in a "cult like" religion, but if that is not the case, I would also like to know. Thanks again Wanda

(1/9/03) your website regarding religious abuse Hi,  I am sitting here in thankful astonishment at having finally come across something that seems to describe exactly what I have gone through and am in the process of getting out of.  As a born-again Christian, my husband and I found our way to an (x) church  in (x) under the teaching of a (x).  Prior to that we had tried several other "bible-believing" churches.  To make a (very) long story short, I am now in the process of getting a divorce (in which my husband filed) from a physically, verbally and emotionally abusive man who also happens to be a 4th year student at the (x) (yes, he wants to be a preacher).  I was what most of your fundamental churches would call the nice, perfect Christian wife- until I couldn't take the abuse any longer.   The last straw was when my husband and I went to (x) for counseling and after I described specific incidents of physical and verbal abuse, he told me that a Christian woman had to be careful because "the world" is not on God's side and if she goes crying "abuse, abuse" to the authorities, she's just letting the devil into her marriage and before she knows it she's ruined her husband's ministry.  He then told me how he'd even slapped his second wife around a few times and that it was my duty as a wife to submit to my husband and be intimate with him when he needed it.  I was disgusted at the way he seemed to trivialize the things my husband had done and was still doing by giving him a slap on the wrist remark "Now, you ought not to be doin' that you know." Thank God I am still able to say I am a Christian and love my savior Jesus Christ.  While it is true I have had a very hard time even thinking of going back to church, I know eventually I will heal and that I am still a child of God.  I thank him every day for His grace.  Because without it, I would still be in a very dangerous situation and I loved God enough to stay even when I knew several years ago something was desperately wrong.   My husband is fighting for full custody of our children because as he has told me I am a disgrace to Jesus Christ and am filled with the devil.   Much of the peace I have about leaving is that I know in my heart and mind I tried every thing I could to stay.  Anyhow, I have not browsed the rest of your site but am going to.  Thanks,


(1/17/03) please help !!!!!! I am very curious on what is it you believe about afterlife. I myself can find no possible reason that any creator would create an eternal hell for his creation and also, if we leave our physical bodies, how could we be tortured by fire? I am becoming more and more freed from what I have always known were misrepresentations of God and what is your definition of God?? Your website has made me know that I am not by myself in a lot of my views. Thank you very much!!  -

(3/6/03) My Father is a pastor of one of the Gospel Assembly churches (Under the Will Sowders church). I have heard things that happened during the split in 65, and I am very saddened to hear some of the things that Bro. Jolly did. I also know of some of the things that Bro. Goodwin did. Though these things are bad we cannot speak evil of these men, for they were chosen of God (Just like Saul). I am in  love with this people, and there is NO question in my mind, I know this is the Body of Christ. There is such a sweet spirit and truth abundantly. I would suggest, Mr. and Mrs. Mason, that the two of you go to the Campground this year ( in Sheperdsville) God is really  moving in the Body right now. I know it must be hard to have gone through what you went through, but as Bro. Sowder's said "If you are going to be in the Body of Christ, then you are going to be hurt, hurt, and hurt again." There are many things we must go through. If you do not want to go to Campground then please go to a Gospel Assembly church near you. I believe the Campground this year is going to be different though. I just want to encourage you to give this another chance. Just remember "Don't let past failure determine future success". I know you did not fail, but the leadership you were under did. But don't judge the whole leadership by the mistakes of some of the men. Like Jesus said "If thine right eye offend thee, pluck it out." Or "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off" I believe that this is talking about Government, the Ministry. It was necessary that these men be cut off, but God can still heal the people that came from under these men and make us one in Spirit and in Truth. Bro. Sowders himself even had a dream of a tree that represented the Body of Christ, it was shook and some apples fell out. He said the Body of Christ would take a shaking, apparently (as sad as it may be) some of these men were shaken out of the body. Please just consider what I have said. God Bless. Your Brother in Christ


(April 13, 2003) Thanks for your web page.  Until today I had never heard of William Sowders.  I learned of him and the Gospel Assembly through a new friend.  I'll protect her identity, but I do want to thank you for having this info on the internet so I could learn more about what she is going through as she is "breaking free".  Kitty



(May 01, 2003) Hey there. I'd like to register to visit some of your forum discussions but I can't seem to figure out how. I used to be a member of (a GAC in Texas). I was involved for more than 20 years. I've been searching for sites with information from others who have left the group. Please e-mail me and give me some more information. I've really enjoyed what I've found that you've contributed, so far. Sincerely ……..



(May 02, 2003) Dear Friends, Steve Hassan has encouraged to get in touch with people who have been mind controlled re: my son Isaac who committed murder at the age of 15 while involved with a military cult.  We are Believers.  Thank you for speaking out.



(May 5, 2003) Hi I am sorry to bother you. I first would like to say that I read your web site and thought it was well put together and informative. YOu both seem like sincere, friendly, and honorable people. I am so sorry for your suffering. I am writing because I was wondering if you know anything about Goodwin living in Colorado, where he lived what he did there etc...  After reading your website  this information became much more necessary for me to know. If you don't know anything could you please help me to find out by giving me any leads you may have. Thank you and GOD Bless,



(May 5, 2003) I am having a hard time understanding you're problem with Gospel Assembly. You and other sites like yours always use Goodwin and Jolly as "proof" of it being a so-called cult, when both of these men were disfellowshiped for their behavior. Can you tell me of a "mainstream organization that hasn’t had problems like these in their past? To condemn a whole body of believers for men who haven’t been part of this church for many years seems extreme.



(May 6, 2003) Praise the Lord for your site! I have been called a prophet, just so happens my husband and I pastor a independent Baptist church. This site is an answer to my prayer. I was just telling my husband it doesn't bother me that the Lord has put him in authority over me. What bothers me is to tell me that I cannot share the word of God with others because I am a woman. I believe the reason women are the way they are today is because men have perverted God's word! Not all men feel that way. I have a totally supportive husband, matter of fact he is also called to be a prophet. The Lord gave me a word about this subject Monday morning. My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge. You go ahead and do what the Lord has called you to do, if you haven't helped anyone else, you sure have helped me. Love in Christ,



(May 14, 2003) Your story is similar to mine and many others that have suffered under controlling church leaders thinking that we were obeying God.  We were even told that, "no matter whether your elders are right or wrong, submit to them anyway.  Obedience always carries a blessing!", also that, "there is more emphasis placed on authority than love in the bible".  They interfered with our finances, work in fact many areas of people's lives that they have no authority to become involved in.  Eventually we were even defrauded of a great deal of money by our pastor, who is still leading the church!   This was a New Covenant Ministries International Church.  I have not found many people on the Web that know about them, but many of their churches are heavy shepherding churches, and I know a lot of people who have left NCMI bruised and hurting.  A great deal more have stayed under the delusion that they are to submit to eldership in fear of "touching God's anointed", not realizing that they are, in fact, under control.


I have attached an essay on Submission and authority as it is a huge problem in the church today.  This is how false doctrine spreads - people submit to human leadership's interpretation of scripture or teachings and do not check out the truth against the Bible.  They do not test every spirit, as we are commanded to do, but rely on fallen man for their spiritual well being. These days it is imperative that we stay true to scripture and have Christ, not a pastor, as our head. All the best, God bless you.

(May 23, 2003) Jesus Christ is Lord"-Phil 2:11. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who is come in the flesh-1 Jn 4:2. We recently came across your site listed on a type of site. We humbly ask you to seek God through His Word and in prayer regarding adding the following link. We are non-profit and sell nothing. Our goal is to seek and to save that which is lost through faith in Jesus Christ-God’s only begotten Son-ref Lk 19:10, and to feed His lambs and sheep-ref Jn 21:15-17.

Several U.S. missionaries (of whom some have hazarded their lives for the sake of the Gospel in Africa, the Middle East, and India), Bible school teachers, ministers, and an author, have prayerfully combined their talents to make this web site possible. Under the heading of—Author Desk can tell you more about the authors; Doctrinal Statement Desk covers our beliefs; and Ministry Photos show some of the actual work we have done.  By God’s mercy and grace, this vast array of Bible information is uniquely presented. Some of these include the GT Chronological 4 Gospels, a great blessing to many that want to learn more of God’s Word including ministers. Jesus Desk has a wealth of Bible knowledge and statistics about Jesus Christ. Spiritual Warfare Desk offers excellent teaching on spiritual warfare that can greatly help the new born-again Christian, as well those that have walked with Christ for many years. The Home Page gives an inspiring testimony, proving the Bible is true. Many as a result of this testimony have given their lives to Christ. The Audio KJV New Testament is also available and can be played for listeners, as well as the written KJV Bible.

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Site content: A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, Prayer Book, Prophecy Bible, the Audio KJV New Testament, and a photo tour of Israel.

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(May 29, 2003) To Wanda and Robert Mason, I also think that Christian abuse and religious abuse should be kicked out of Britain. I think that people should enjoy every moment of their lives by relaxing and being kind to other people, but criticizing other people about what they believe and what they think doesn’t do any difference – It just makes their own lives a miserable one.




(June 18, 2003) Hi.  My name is (omitted)., I live in the small northwest Illinois town of Fulton.  It is predominately Dutch and therefore the predominate religious affiliation is Dutch Reformed.  Fulton is located about 45 minutes north of the Quad Cities and myself and MANY, MANY members of my family are also members of the Gospel Assembly Church in Moline, Illinois.  To be quite honest, I am anything but the typical GAC member (I rarely go to church, I don't follow every teaching, and I attend a Dutch Reformed youth group).  Anyways, for one reason or another, I found your site and I was a bit shocked by what I saw.  To begin, I suppose I should share what I actually know about the history of my church (my knowledge of the church is very detached and sketchy).  I have always heard of the split in the '60's b/w different sections of the church.  I (and I'm not 100% sure) believe that we are a church that is the result of Bro. Jolly's part of the split.  We have ties with the church in Louisville, KY (I've gone to one of the youth conventions down there) and I have heard time and time again about the evils of Bro. TM Jolly.  That was one of the pieces of information on this website that didn't "shock" or "surprise" me.  What did surprise me was the amount of people that believe that the church is a cult, or cult-like.  When I was looking through what some of the GAC churches believe, I was surprised!  Many of the rules that are discussed on the site were, at one time, enforced at my church, but now are more and more lenient (guys in suits, women can't wear read, women have to have their hair up, no shorts or short sleeves, etc.).  From what I have seen/read/experienced, the GAC church that I attend in Moline isn't what these other GAC churches are.  I'd love to hear back from you with more information about the history and other information about the GAC churches.  It's all very interesting to me!



(June 27, 2003) Hi my name is Vicki; I go to a Gospel Assembly church in IL. I just wanted to say not all the Gospel Assembly churches are under Goodwin I guess you would say I go to one that is the old church. I do not feel that my church is a cult. It is just my church; I am not made to do any thing. If you wanted you could call any church a cult. This is my opinion on the subject. I hope you do not associate all the Gospel Assembly churches with Bro. Goodwin or Bro. Jolly. Unfortunately molestation is in a lot of religions like the Catholic and Assembly of God had an incident. Please don't lump all churches together when something bad happens in them. Thanks for reading this and please post it if you want. Vicki



(June 27, 2003) Hello Robert & Wanda Mason, One of my various board members comes from a GAC church and wondered as to GAC's main doctrinal statements. If I am right there are various "splinter" groups of the churches started by William Sowders. Those that came from his ministries are almost in Christian orthodoxy except for the non-Trinitarian views. I came from a United Pentecostal church which has similar circumstances to the churches you have been accustomed to. Now that I am out of the church (thank God) I have been experiencing true grace. So I guess my main question is, are on the site are there any major doctrinal statements as to what Gospel Assemblies believe? Also, an suggestion, do not use McKinsey (even more fundamentalist than Christians who is not aware of Hebrew idioms). God Bless,



(June 30, 2003) Hi, I was searching for information on Junia at Google and came across your website.  I did a quick read of the story on women in the church.  Of course, that was the reason I was searching for information on Junia, but I was interested to read comments about coming out of a cult.  I was with the Worldwide Church of God for many years, so I do understand about spiritual abuse and "posttraumatic syndrome" upon re-entering the real world.  The WCG did make changes in their doctrines before I moved to an area where there is no WCG church congregation. This is a primarily Baptist region so I have no church home here, and I am still mistrustful of denominations, but God has been working with me.  It is actually harder to unlearn error than to learn truth, but God is patient. I just wanted to thank you for your website and the story on women there.



(July 05, 2003) Bless you Wanda, Thank you for that link. I have several friends who go to that kind of church but this one seems to be more biblical than others. Sorta like The Way International which denies Lord Jesus's divinity but believes in the Pentecostal baptism. I'm not Pentecostal anymore but something else praise God, saved person! Well I thought I'd alert you to McKinsey because he is an Atheist who wrote a book called the Biblical Encyclopedia of Errancy and there is an article on your website using him as a source in Genesis.. So that threw me off somewhat. He isn't a Theologian or anything but I found a link that talks about the issues he brings up, that Tektonics url.
Bless you as well,


(July 12, 2003) Hello, I am interested in obtaining information on the GAC churches.  I grew up in GAC in Greenville, MS under Bro. X.  I have been out of that church since 1989.  I have a story also.  None that involves sexual or physical abuse, but lots of mental and spiritual abuse.  Please e-mail me with information on if the church in Greenville and Iuka has been named in any of these stories.  I have family still in this church that have disowned me due to the fact that I no longer believe the same or attend there church.



(July 13, 2003) Sis Wanda, I just wanted to say that I read your story a couple of years ago and that it saddened me to hear how you were treated in that cult. I find that men who pulled away from the safety of subjecting themselves to the brethren ALL fell into cult practices and immorality.

I have the teachings of Bro.Sowders transcribe from shorthand from what he taught in his meetings. His main message was Charity and unity. God did reveal great truths on different subjects such as the restoring of the church. Men with their Wicked hearts focused more on the Revelation and doctrine than the did the message of Love and started building false Idols (ideas). How do I know it is false? Because they tried to keep their People with fear and manipulation.

My dad pulled away from Don Patton right before he started fellowshipping Goodwin. The reason We pulled out was because the people were worshiping him. God kept his hand on us. We later found out that Bro. Patton had fell into Immorality. God help us to go on and live in love and forgive those who have persecuted us that Jesus would be lifted up. God Bless



(July 13, 2003) I would like to find out about the doctrines of the Gospel Assembly Church. Can you direct me to a web site or is there an offical book about the beliefs of this group. I just recieved the book "In His Own Words" by William Sowders but it was all just about his life. I want to find out about what the church believes about the Godhead, Heaven, Hell, Second Marriages, ect. We have a new Gospel Assembly starting up in our town and I would really like to know more about them. Thank You and praise be to Jesus



(July 15, 2003) Sir:  I have read a substantial amount of Mr. Brenham’s messages.  I was looking over the article on Mr. Branham on your website and found upsetting.  Mr. Branham was a Man of God.  There seemed to be a lot of bashing in that article, along with little praise for his many good works.  No Man is perfect and every man fall short of the Glory of God.  Yes, he may have said some things that people didn't like but I bet if we tracked your history we could probably find some things that you would not be to proud of.  I think that after all of Mr. Brenham’s wonderful works for the Lord Jesus Christ people would understand he was a man of God.  But just like Jesus said himself, "Even a Prophet isn't welcome in his own home town".  Please forgive me if I have mistakenly accused you of putting negative things out there of Mr. Branham. I would like to know the life history of the person who wrote that article, and if they are kind enough to tell me, then I would hope they would let me print it.  Christ was always rejected everywhere he went, and was even accused of being a Devil.  Sound familiar, sounds like the life of Mr. Branham.  He is nothing close to my precious savior, but he was a man who loved Jesus Christ.  Sincerely:


(August 28, 2003 ) I am not sure where to start, I myself am very sickened of this type of abuse that has been going on in several if not all religious sects. I guess none of us are free from the corruption of man. I have an extensive history so am eager to listen and help with the things that I feel need to be changed. I am a former 2nd Force recon Marine so I know sometimes persuasion has its cost? Please tell me more...



(September 07, 2003) I am doing a research paper for college and I came across your web site. Yes, I agree something has to be done to stop young people from being recruited into Cults. I was 15 years old when I was recruited into a cult that was licensed by the State of California as a group home for teenagers. Located in Northern California, in a town called “Canby” I left when I was 30, I am 42 years old now. Charismatic woman, a self-proclaimed profit, led the group. My marriage was prearranged, the marriage did last 20 years, and I have two beautiful boys. We do not associate with the Cult anymore.


Recovery for me has been a long process; it was a very large part of my life, 15 years!


Today I am going back to college; if you have anything that would help me on my research paper; it would be very much appreciated. Religious cults and their impact. Alternatively, something like that. Thank you,



(October 01, 2003) Greetings in the name of the lord. Few months ago, I fell over your website, and I thank God for your insights. Let me introduce myself, my name is __ and I am from Haiti. To make a long story short, I have a degree in pastoral ministry, while I attended college in Wichita, KS, I visited a church by the name Gospel Assembly in Wichita (Pastor Green), I think he was a nice guy. After my graduation I moved in Louisville, KY where I found some Haitians, when i asked they what religions are they? They told me they are not part of any religion; they claim to be the body of Christ. They told me the body is not a religion because the preachers do not go to a seminar it sounds like God teaches them directly. It is very difficult for me to deal with them because they are trying to make me believe that if someone is not in the body that person will not be saved. I understand Jesus came to build the church. The word body was used  by Paul because of the situation that existed among the Christians of Corinth. When I asked them the difference between the church and the body the can not answer me. What do you think?



(October 02, 2003) Hi, I am quite amazed at everything I am reading about the Gospel Assembly Churches.  I stumbled onto this site quite by accident yesterday.  I was a part of the Gospel Assembly in the early 80's while affiliated with Bro. X church in Kings Mountain, NC.  We fellowshipped the Gospel Assembly Churches (Goodwin and Jolly) for a few years.  Bro. X never quite bought all the stuff that was taught by Jolly and Goodwin although he professed to love them dearly.  I welcomed their fellowship because Bro. X was quite rough on our congregation and I felt relief around the brothers and sisters of the Gospel Assembly Churches.  I am blown away by all the sex stuff I am reading, although not completely surprised.  My daughter went to some of the youth meetings in St. Louis.  I can't wait to ask her about that.  I hope nothing went on out there.


Anyway, we broke away from Bro. X for various reasons.  We don't attend church now.  A lot of our congregation moved out to Louisville, Ky. to attend church.  Bro. X and others.  It would take 2 hours to write all my stories, so I'll stop at this. God Bless you all,



(September 23, 2003) I have been a believer since 1976 in the message that God sent through this man. Only the elect of God will see it (the wise virgins of Matthew 25). You have not done enough research to make the judgments and conclusions that you have made. God have mercy on your souls for trying to discredit what Jesus Christ has done in this end time generation.



(October 22, 2003) Do you have an information pack or anything that you give to people recovering from Cultic abuse? Any recommended books, counseling services? I am in the Uk and found your email address on the net. Many thanks,



(October 23, 2003) Thank you for a pleasant and realistic discussion on religion and the dogma associated with religion.  It is refreshing to find a website which uses good common sense, research and logic to examine and evaluate the many misconceptions most people have pertaining to Biblical laws, morality and universal truth.  Far too many people accept what they hear or are told in church rather than investigating and seeking answers first hand.  Your intelligent non-biased views are well taken and give one hope that more people will seek answers rather than accepting what is 'preached' or spoken through word of mouth.  In my humble opinion far too much of what is said in public gathering, in church or elsewhere, is biased or twisted to meet a particular agenda without regard for universal truth, compassion and reason.  You website meets a need many people have, but their ignorance, laziness or failure to think keeps them from finding. Keep up the excellent work!



(November 02, 2003) I sure hope this gets posted. I stumbled upon your website last night. WOW! I had just prayed "Lord help me forgive Brother X for everything he did". I believe I have come to realize that he too was a victim of GAC. He was my pastor in Lansing, MI. He split with L. Goodwin in the 70's. I have grieved for 30 years over the slaughter of the precious lambs in that church who never had a chance to get established in Christ before everything just fell apart. I still have a brother, his wife and children who are involved in a GAC church in Tulsa. Although the minister is a goodly man, the poisonous doctrines and idol worship (worship of the group) is prevalent. Also the strict rules on dress especially for women all tend to keep them from the one who gave His life for them.

Once I was in Des Moines at a meeting. L. Goodwin was preaching. I felt waves of power coming across the congregation. I thought what an anointed man he is. Then I looked over at Sister Olga. She had a very bad expression on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She said: "He sounds just like Hitler" You see she was a very old German woman who had actually heard Hitler speak. That was a wake up call for me. Being young in the Lord I had mistaken the power of Satan for the anointing of the Lord. Really that group is bad news any way you slice it. Even if they aren't involved directly with the ones that sinned. They are all part of it and they all drink from the same poisonous cup. Thank God He has given me a 2nd chance.

Milan, MI