Dedicated to the many victims of Thomas Miles Jolly

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YOKE OF BONDAGE – By Wayne Hamburger


List of rules by Tom Jolly - From Yoke of Bondage


List of requirements for Music Staff - by Tom Jolly


Ex-Minister Surrenders on Sex Charges

Church Backs Ex-Minister Facing Charges


Sexual Abuse

Probation for Abuser Stirs Anger Minister Molested Girls Who Sought Counseling

Church Attracts Protest Shelter for Minister in Sex Case Criticized


Thomas Miles Jolly – By ????



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We have a LOT of material, photos and etc to put on this page as time permits. For the time being, you can see the News Media Video files of Jolly’s arrest and conviction. Wayne Hamburger donated the original videotape. I transferred the original video, via digital video equipment, to my computer to make the clips.



Of Tom Jolly